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7 Kamasutra Intercourse Positions You Must Know

When all of the three, viz., Dharma, Artha, and Kama come together, the former is healthier than the one which follows it, i.e., Dharma is best than Artha, and Artha is better than Kama. But Artha ought to be at all times first practised by the king, for the livelihood of men is to be obtained from it only. Again, Kama being the occupation of public women, they should prefer it to the other two, and these are exceptions to the overall rule. Artha is the acquisition of arts, land, gold, cattle, wealth, equipages and pals. It is, additional, the safety of what is acquired, and the increase of what’s protected.

Small nails, which can be utilized in various methods, and are to be utilized only with the thing of giving pleasure, are possessed by the people of the southern districts. But urgent with the nails is not an usual thing except with those who are intensely passionate, i.e., stuffed with ardour. It is employed together with biting, by those to whom the apply is agreeable. “Whatever issues may be done by one of many lovers to the opposite, the identical ought to be returned by the opposite, i.e., if the lady kisses him he ought to kiss her in return, if she strikes him he must also strike her in return.” There can also be a fifth kind of kiss referred to as the “significantly pressed kiss,” which is effected by taking hold of the decrease lip between two fingers, and then after touching it with the tongue, pressing it with nice pressure with the lip. When the heads of two lovers are bent in path of each other, and when so bent kissing takes place, it is called a “bent kiss.”

Kamasutra Crab Position

with her, and will ask her husband to do the same, but ought to surpass her in leading the life of a chaste girl. But her every-day dress ought to be composed of a thin, close-textured material, a couple of ornaments and flowers, and slightly scent, not too much. She should also observe the fasts and vows of her husband, and when he tries to stop her doing this, she should persuade him to let her do it. (5.) The man ought to, with the connivance of the daughter of the nurse, carry off the girl from her house whereas she is asleep, after which, having loved her earlier than she recovers from her sleep, should convey hearth from the home of a Brahman, and proceed as before. (4.) The man should on the event of festivals get the daughter of the nurse to give the girl some intoxicating substance, after which cause her to be dropped at some secure place under the pretence of some business, and there having enjoyed her earlier than she recovers from her intoxication, ought to deliver fire from the home of a Brahman, and proceed as earlier than. shame and her worry as well as her suspicions about any disaster that may end result from the marriage.

At night he should interact in sexual intercourse, even with vigour, so as to wash the opening. After this he ought to proceed to clean the opening with decoctions, and increase the scale by placing into it small pieces of cane, and the wrightia antidysenterica, and thus gradually enlarging the orifice.

About A Wife

She should take care of and hold in repair the things that are appreciated by her husband, and proceed the works which have been begun by him. To the abode of her relations she shouldn’t go besides on events of joy and sorrow, after which she should go in her ordinary travelling costume, accompanied by her husband’s servants, and never stay there for an extended time. The fasts and feasts must be observed with the consent of the elders of the house. The assets should be elevated by making purchases and sales according to the follow of the retailers, and via honest servants, superintended by herself.

When a courtesan feels uncertain whether she would lose spiritual merit by abandoning a man who’s connected to her without giving him the slightest favour, and thereby causing him unhappiness on this world and the next, this doubt known as a doubt concerning the loss of a religious benefit. When a courtesan is type, even at her own expense, to a person who may be very stingy, or to a person happy with his seems, or to an ungrateful man skilled in gaining the center of others, with none good resulting from these connections to her ultimately, this loss is called a lack of wealth not attended by any acquire. Now, the Sages are of opinion that when a courtesan has the possibility of an equal acquire from two lovers on the similar time, a desire should be given to the one who would give her the type of factor which she desires. But Vatsyayana says that the choice should be given to the one who offers her gold, as a end result of it can’t be taken again like another things, it can be easily received, and can be the technique of procuring anything that might be wished for. Of things like gold, silver, copper, bell metallic, iron, pots, furniture, beds, higher clothes, under vestments, fragrant substances, vessels made of gourds, ghee, oil, corn, cattle, and other things of a like nature, the primary, viz., gold, is superior to all the others.

About Courtesans

When the woman is tired, she ought to place her brow on that of her lover, and will thus take relaxation without disturbing the union of the organs, and when the lady has rested herself the person should turn round and begin the congress again. When a woman sees that her lover is fatigued by fixed congress, without having his want happy, she should, with his permission, lay him down upon his again, and provides him assistance by appearing his half.

  • cribed above, but who in addition are favourites of the King, and furthermore merciless and powerful, without any good result ultimately, and with a chance of her being turned away at any moment, this loss is known as a lack of wealth attended by different losses.
  • The nice art is to determine what provides them the best pleasure, and what specialities they like greatest.
  • Or, the King’s spouse should invite the girl, whom the King needs, to come to the royal palace, so that she may see the practice of the artwork by which the King’s spouse could additionally be skilled, and after she has come to the harem, a female attendant of the King, sent thither, should act as before described.
  • She should take care of and maintain in repair the things which are favored by her husband, and proceed the works which were begun by him.